Baby G Retro Pop Series BGA310RP-4A

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Satisfy your spirit of adventure and your love of retro pop fashion — with a casual BABY-G in vintage-style matte colours. BABY-G brings in retro colour combinations of burgundy, deep green, and mustard yellow to add a cute accent to your casual outdoor look.

Details like the hour hand’s camping lantern motif enhance the playfully outdoorsy design, and the lugs provide a wide range of motion for a comfortable fit on the wrist. The wide face features prominent hands and raised index marks for an easy read, with touches of glow-in-the-dark paint for visibility even in the dark.

The bezel and band are made with bio-based resins, in keeping with the BABY-G commitment to the environment. These watches also deliver practical functionality, with shock-resistant construction and water resistance up to 100 meters.

The front button makes it easy to access the double LED light to illuminate the dial and LCD when camping or adventuring. Don’t have a free hand? With the auto-light function turned on, simply tilt your wrist to activate the light and read your watch in the dark.

  • Case and bezel material: Resin / Bio-based resin
  • Band: Bio-based resin band
  • Glass: Mineral Glass
  • Shock Resistant
  • Neobrite
  • Water
    resistance: 100-meter water resistance
  • Double
    LED light
  • LED
    light for the face (Auto LED light, Super illuminator, selectable illumination
    duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), afterglow)
  • LED
    backlight for the digital display (Auto LED light, Super illuminator,
    selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), afterglow)
  • LED:
  • World time: Dual time (Home city time swapping)
  • 1/100-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 00'00''00~59'59''99 (for the
    first 60 minutes) 1:00'00~23:59'59 (after 60 minutes)
  • Measuring unit: 1/100 second (for the first 60 minutes) 1 second (after
    60 minutes) Memory capacity: Up to 120 records (used by lap time records)
  • Recorded data: Up to 120 records (lap numbers, lap time, measurement
    start month, day, time, date, time) Others: Direct timing start from the
    timekeeping mode
  • Countdown timer Measuring unit: 1 second
  • Countdown range: 100 minutes
  • Countdown start time setting range: 1 second to 100 minutes (1-second
    increments, 1-minute increments)
  • 5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm)
  • Hourly time signal
  • Button operation tone on/off
  • Accuracy:
    ±15 seconds per month
  • Hand shift feature (Hands move out
    of the way to provide an unobstructed view of digital display contents.)
  • Regular
    timekeeping: Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute (hand moves every 10 seconds),
    second) Digital: Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, day
  • Approx.
    battery life: 3 years on CR2016
  • Size of case: 46.1 × 41.8 × 13.9 mm

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We dispatch all orders that are in stock the next business day or same business day when your order placed before 10am (Queensland time) providing we have the watch in stock.

We want you to be happy with your watch and therefore we will gladly refund any item for you within 30 days of dispatch. The item must be returned to us in new and unworn condition and include all components including the watch, tags, box and instruction manual. You will need to include your warranty card or receipt with your watch showing the date of purchase. Email us and we will reply with the appropriate information for your claim.

Casio Watch Repairs

G Life Watches is able to have your watch repaired for you.

Casio G-Shock Watch & Baby G Repair 

Most common repairs required are just batteries and pressure testing or band replacements. Whatever is required we can arrange to have it repaired and returned to you as quickly as we can. Please click here to email us with your contact details, model number off the back of the watch (it will be letter(s) followed by numbers i.e. DW6900 or GA110 or similar) and colour (if applicable i.e. band colour, case colour etc) and we will be more than happy to follow up on the availability, time frame and cost estimate for your repair or part. Most repairs take around 3 weeks to complete and return to you. Parts are generally 1 week but can be up to 4 weeks.


G Shock Replacement Prices 

The estimate of charges (note though this is a guide for most models, some of the more intricate models can be higher than the estimates here):

  • Battery, seals and pressure test - $70 (Baby G) / $80 (G Shock) for most models
  • Mudmaster / Premium series - battery, seals and pressure test - $95
  • Replacement Bands (rubber) - $50 to $70 for most models
  • Replacement Bands (metal) - $80 - $110 for most models
  • Pins for bands - $7 for most models
  • Replacement of watch case - $80 - $150 for most models
  • Complete overhaul with a new module/movement in the watch - Contact us with your model number and colour for a tailored quote.

What to do with Broken Watches? 

G Shock Battery Replacement

G Shock battery life ranges from two to six years, depending on how often you use the alarm or the backlight. Frequent use of either feature drains the battery pretty fast hence, the need for replacement. The life of the replacement battery, on the other hand, depends on how long it has been sitting on the shelf. Its shelf life is ten years in room temperature after which it goes through gradual degradation.

G Shock Strap Replacement 

G Shock watches are known to last a lifetime, but the bands wear out after prolonged use. To replace them, place the watch facing downwards on a soft cloth, unhook the spring bars located at the base of each strap. Some models have the bars covered while others are exposed. Use a spring-bar removal tool to unhook and pull the band away from the watch. Repeat the process to remove the other spring bar. Replace them with the rod slots of the new band and use the spring-bar tool to fasten the bands. The procedure applies when replacing rubber straps. Metallic bands require a little tact hence, the need to engage a professional.