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The Baby G Shock watches are one of the most fashionable timepieces in G Life’s collection of Casio watches. The BABY G collection was created as a counterpart to its “big brother” G-SHOCK in 1994.

Its models are perfect for those who are proud to flaunt their feminine side but also seek practicality in watch performance.

Whether you are looking for the Baby G Digital watch or the Baby G Black collection, Baby G has vibrant and stylish pieces that come in various shapes, colours and sizes for all women and lifestyles.

Choose Baby G Casio, Choose Boldness

G Life is one of Australia’s largest premier Casio watch resellers and is home to sought-after Baby G watches for sale.

Nothing short of cool and trendy, Baby G exemplifies the crossover between fashion and function. Here are some common features in most Baby G Shock watches.

    • Sporty design

What makes Baby G stand out is its eye-catching designs. Baby G Shock watches give off that athletic yet feminine feel, making them complement all your outfits and reflect your mood. Whether you’re feeling playful or motivated to ace your next gym workout, there will always be a Baby G watch to match any occasion.

    • Shock-resistant

Don’t be fooled by their dainty and charming designs. More than just pretty, the Baby G watches are also built tough and can endure pressure from external conditions. Perfect for everyday use!

    • Water-resistant

Like most authentic Casio watches, you can take your Baby G anywhere, including underwater. You can be submerged up to 100 metres and your Baby G Casio watch will still be as good as new.

    • LED light afterglow

Being a modern woman means staying on top of your daily duties and demands. From day to night, you can trust to have a handy watch that will keep you in time for any life event. Its “glow in the dark” feature is very convenient when you are on the go around the clock.

    • Counts your steps

Have a goal of reaching a certain number of steps in a day? With Casio Baby G, you can hit your fitness goals as it gives you an accurate count of your steps. It also informs you of your Step Goal Progress, so you can see your improvement in real-time.

    • Smartphone link

The Baby G watch has a Bluetooth feature wherein you can connect it to your smartphone. You can view all your fitness-related data in the BABY-G Connected app.

Purchase Baby G Watches at G Life

G Life is your one-stop shop for everything Casio.

All timepieces in our online watch store are high-quality, genuine and timeless. From Baby G watches and Edifice to G-Shock and ProTrek, you won’t have trouble searching for the most in-demand Casio watch brands.

Enhance your shopping experience and enjoy a $50 G Life Gift Certificate that you can use any time you purchase from our online shop.

As an official premium Australian specialist retailer, your new Baby G watch will be covered by a full 2-year Australian warranty. We also provide band and battery replacements, seals and pressure tests for properly maintaining your wrist accessory.

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