Collection: Casio Youth - Casio Kids Watches

Looking for the perfect timepiece for kids of all ages? The Casio Youth Series is your answer.

Kids can keep better track of time during playtime or school hours with this collection of kids’ watches. These are designed with durability and style and showcase the original Japanese timekeeping technology.

Here at G Life Watches, you will find a full range of authentic Casio watches in Australia, as we are one of the largest official Casio resellers in the country. We feature famous collections such as G-Shock, Baby G and Edifice that come in various trendy colours and designs.

Discover premier and top-of-the-line Casio Children’s Watches in Australia here at G Life.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all Casio Kids’ watches, the search is over. G Life is at the forefront of stocking world-class Casio watches for all ages – with designs for men, women and children.

In this collection, you will find a variety of fun and stylish designs that any kid will love! Whether your child is into sports, fashion, or just needs a watch to tell time, we have the perfect kids’ watches for girls and boys that they can use daily.

Outshine Others with G Life’s Eye-Catching Watch Designs

Your little one can be a trendsetter at a very young age when they flaunt these “too cool for school” Casio kids’ watches wherever they go. Simple and compact or classic and timeless, we have heaps of designs available that match any type of personality.

  • Water-resistant
    We know how kids love embracing their freedom. While in the playground, they can explore the monkey bars or occasionally splash in water puddles. But you don’t have to worry about their adventures damaging their kids’ digital watch. Just as most Casio watches are water-resistant (up to 100 metres), this range is no different.
  • LED light
    Know that your kid has a trusty wrist accessory anytime and anywhere. This feature comes in handy when it’s nighttime, or they are in poorly lit places, so they can always stay visible.
  • Maximum functionality and versatility
    Casio kids’ watches have multiple functions, such as regular timekeeping, alarms and countdown timers and stopwatches.
  • Interchangeable watch bands
    Want to add some variety? We have a range of watch bands you can switch up every once in a while to better match your child’s mood or colour preferences.

Purchase the Best Kids’ Watches at G Life

Step up your watch game with G Life.

G Life is your go-to online shop for Casio watches. We stock a vast range of over 700 different models with new lines added as they become available.

Buy a quality kids’ digital watch with confidence at G Life, and enjoy free delivery for orders over $59! As an official Casio Australia retailer, all our Casio kids’ watches are 100% genuine and come with a full 2-year Australian warranty.

Experience easy breezy online shopping by securing our $50 G Life Gift Certificate, which you can use anytime you purchase from our online store.

If you need replacement, watch repair services or seals and pressure tests, we also offer those to ensure that your kids’ watch is properly taken care of.

Have questions or concerns about our products and services? Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll be glad to assist. Trust in our 20+ years of expertise to provide you with tailored service.

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