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When it comes to advanced watch technology, Casio is always ahead of the game. With this unique collection of timepieces, they have exceeded the market’s expectations by levelling up to producing solar watches – using light to keep your watch working at its best.

Casio Tough Solar redefines power. Its built-in proprietary solar charging system can convert even weak light sources, like fluorescent lamps, into energy. Say goodbye to battery replacements since you can leave it on your desk or by the window when it’s running out of juice.

G Life Watches is an official Casio watches retailer, meaning you can buy with confidence knowing that you are receiving authentic Casio solar watches.

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Why choose a Casio solar watch?

Consider switching up your regular timekeeper for a solar-powered one. Here are some reasons why you should consider a solar watch.

  • Energy-efficient

    This saves you the hassle of replacing worn-out batteries as these watches charge themselves with all light sources. Caught yourself in the dark? No problem! The Casio solar watch can still give accurate timekeeping with energy stored in its built-in, tiny power cells.

  • Eco-friendly

    By wearing a Casio G Shock solar watch, you eliminate waste from disposable batteries. Making a positive impact on the environment never looked this good!

  • Long-lasting

    The Casio solar watches in this range are incredibly durable. Thanks to their shock resistance rating, stainless steel casing and self-charging feature when exposed to any light source, these are the most reliable watches you can own.

  • Low maintenance

    Save your trips to the watch repair shop as these little devices require almost no input from their owner aside from the regular wipe-down. Wear them daily and let the light’s power do the rest of the work.

  • Waterproof

    Casio watches are known for their water-resistant feature and these solar watches are no different. You can wear your chic wrist accessory while doing several outdoor activities, and they’ll stay intact and free from water damage.

Each Casio solar watch comes with tons of features that cater to your daily needs, personal style preferences and more. So, what are you waiting for? Discover our vast collection, and get your own today!

The best solar powered watches in Australia at G Life

For everything Casio, look no further than G Life Watches. You’ll find one of the largest ranges of Casio’s famous collections, such as G Shock, Edifice and Baby G. Every watch is an intricate blend of mechanics, technology and classic design, making the Casio solar watch a timeless staple.

Buy your own wristwatch from G Life and enjoy free delivery for all orders over $59! As a premium Australian online retailer, G Life offers 100% genuine Casio solar watches, which are covered by a full 2-year Australian warranty. We also offer watch repairs, replacement services, seals and pressure tests, so you can adequately care for your timepiece.

Our team of experts is only a message away if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Beat the odds with Casio Tough Solar.

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