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If tough and functional were a watch, it would be Casio’s G Shock Mudmaster. The Mudmaster watch’s durable features make it resilient to all elements. That is why this is the best timepiece for the fearless, constantly on the go and ready to chase the next best thing.

Here at G Life Watches, you will find an extensive range of popular Mudmaster watch models, including those from the G Shock Mudmaster GG-1000 series, GWG-1000 series, GSG series and more. We also have a wide variety of G Shock watches that suit your active lifestyle.

The Casio G Shock Mudmaster Excellence

Built to be robust and rugged, the Master of G Series Mudmaster offers the greatest potential in withstanding rough environmental conditions.

Here are some specifications you should expect to see when getting your own Mudmaster watch.

  • Carbon resin case

    Your G Shock Mudmaster watch is entirely “shockproof” as it is made of high-rigidity carbon material so it can endure the pressure of any impact. Your Casio Mudmaster can survive harsh external conditions by having a filter to protect against dust and mud. In addition, its dual back cover is composed of shock-resistant fine resin embedded with glass fibres.

  • Water-resistant

    To have a Mudmaster watch means that you choose “limitless”. It doesn’t matter whether you’re exploring the land or sea. Your Casio Mudmaster can also be brought underwater up to 200 m, fully functional.

  • Quad sensor capabilities

    Do not underestimate your compact wrist accessory. Its Quad Sensor capabilities are packed with different measuring functions that are useful on your next outdoor adventure. It has a compass, altitude/barometer, accelerometer and temperature measurements – great for keeping track of your surrounding environment.

  • Bluetooth function

    With its Bluetooth function, you can access a special G-SHOCK app when you link your G Shock Mudmaster to your phone. This app helps you simplify the configuration of your watch’s settings. It also automatically records various data, including route info, altitude points, current location, and calorie calculations from your step count.

  • Various time settings

    The Casio G Shock Mudmaster makes it possible for you to have all the time in your hands. Easily check the time from any part of the world as it holds up to 38 time zones. You can switch Daylight savings on and off, conveniently swap between your home city and world time, and have a sunrise/sunset time display. The Mudmaster watch can also be your stopwatch (1/100 seconds), countdown timer and alarm (5 daily alarms).

Shop for the G Shock Mudmaster from G Life Watches

With G Life, you can trust that you have a reliable time teller in your hands.

G Life is an official Australian reseller of all G Shock, Casio and Master of G watch collections. You can trust that you are shopping for authentic timepieces at our online watch store. If you encounter any damages or malfunctions with your new watch, you are covered with a full 2-year warranty. We also offer other services such as watch band and battery replacements, seals and pressure tests.

For an even smoother shopping experience, we have a $50 G Life Gift Certificate that you can use anytime you purchase from our online watch store.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop G Life now and make the most of your time.

G-Shock Mudmaster Watches
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