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Casio Edifice watches are for men who seize the moment and don’t let anything stop them. From Edifice’s world-class design, you will find the perfect blend of class and strength in every detail. These dynamic and intelligent wrist wears have sporty features that guarantee high performance.

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Casio Edifice Watches exude sophistication, form and functionality – all in a single timepiece. It’s built with advanced technologies for precision in timekeeping.

These features make the Edifice watch one of its kind and the ultimate wristwear for men who value their time.

    • Various time settings and functions

Aside from regular timekeeping, your Edifice also serves as a stopwatch, daily alarm and provides World Time (approx. 300 cities worldwide). It also displays the date, so all you need to know can be found in one glance at your wrist.

    • Smartphone link

Most Edifice watch models have Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone for more accuracy in time telling, keeping you punctual despite your hectic schedule. Once your watch is connected to your phone, it will also be easier to find it if it gets lost with just a push of a watch button (must be within Bluetooth range).

    • Telememo Memory capacity

The Edifice watch holds up to 30 sets of data with 8-character names and 16-digit telephone numbers.

    • Water-resistant

Let your Casio Edifice watch be the centre of attention anytime and anywhere. No need to worry about taking it on and off because you can still wear it even when you are underwater (up to 100 metres) without compromising performance.

    • Stainless steel case/bezel material

Most watches are made of stainless steel casing/bezel material for that trademark Edifice look. This sleek design ties your entire look together and completes any outfit you wear.

Buy Edifice Watches for Men from G Life Australia

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As Australia’s official reseller of Casio watches, we have an inventory of various popular watch brands. From Edifice watches and G-Shock to Baby G and ProTrek watches, we have all you are looking for.

Rest assured that your wrist accessory is covered by a full 2-year Australian warranty in case of scratches or damage. Other services we provide are Casio Edifice watch strap and battery replacement (also applicable to other models), seals and pressure tests. All our Casio watches also include free returns and fast and free shipping to make your online shopping experience hassle-free!

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