Baby G 25th Anniversary

Now released is the BGD-525, a commemorative reprise of the DW-520, the first BABY-G. The timing comes ahead of December 2019, when Casio will mark the 25th year since the launch of the first BABY-G shock-resistant watch for women.

BABY-G came on the scene in 1994 as the sister brand of its big brother, G-SHOCK. The first model, the DW-520, was based on the concept of “Tough and Cute.” It retained the renowned G-SHOCK shock-resistance, form and design that had won such kudos in street fashion but was built with a smaller case to better fit women’s slimmer wrists. The BABY-G became a particular hit among women in their late teens, helping to secure a place for digital watches in women’s fashion. In 2014, Casio updated the concept to “Tough and Cool” to extend the brand’s appeal to adult women, as well. The brand has continued to grow, as evidenced by the G-MS series, which sports a sophisticated design, and the G-SQUAD lineup, which feature smartphone app integration. As Casio has built upon features and design to diversify the lineup, BABY-G has sold a cumulative total of 40 million units.